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Defend Your Rights With the Help of a Child Custody Lawyer

Phoenix Child Custody

Phoenix child custody attorneys in Arizona can help parents get through the difficult process of determining their rights in a custody dispute. Whether the case is in a divorce court or outside of it, these lawyers know Arizona laws and can provide guidance and insight to each parent. They will also keep you informed about your options. You can trust that your Phoenix child custody lawyer will do everything possible to make the process go smoothly.

Custody disputes may take place between both parents or between a mother and father. Regardless of the outcome, the process will be based on the best interests of the child. Depending on the age of the child and the circumstances, the family court will consider educational, community, and parental involvement considerations in determining which parent will be awarded custody. In some cases, the courts will grant sole custody to the more responsible parent. Other times, a joint custody arrangement will be granted.

The Phoenix child custody lawyers at Schill Law Group will be your advocates throughout the process. This firm will carefully evaluate the case and provide you with sound legal advice on all aspects of your case. They will present evidence and argue your case in a manner that is convincing and persuasive. If you have any questions, contact their office to schedule a free consultation.

Ultimately, the Phoenix child custody lawyers at Schill Law Group have the expertise and experience to handle your case and help you achieve your goals. Their goal is to make your case as effective as possible. Whether you are trying to establish your paternity, get a temporary order, or get a full settlement, they will help you achieve the results you want.

While it is not always easy to obtain visitation rights, it is important to have a concrete plan. Many cases begin with mediation and evolve into a final settlement. It is imperative to have an experienced lawyer on your side to ensure a fair and beneficial outcome.

Parents often request a temporary order for child custody when they file for divorce. Temporary orders are designed to minimize disruption to the children’s lives. These orders will address where the children will live, who will make decisions, and how the decisions will be made while the divorce case is pending. Some parents are granted the right to change these orders, but it is important to have a team of legal experts on your side to effectuate the changes with the court’s approval.

In cases where there is a paternity dispute, it is important to seek out an experienced Phoenix child custody attorney. These attorneys can help unmarried parents achieve the best possible outcomes. Additionally, they can represent you in establishing paternity or securing rights for an unmarried step-parent.

The Arizona child custody laws are complex and can be tricky to navigate. However, if you have an experienced Phoenix child custody attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your rights are protected.